'I learned so much from the film workshops with Jenny and Fiona. I learned how to use the camera professionally, doing both filming and photography and I also learned how to approach people for interviews. I made new friends and was working in a new are of London learning new things. Jenny and Fiona always tried to improve my knowledge and skills and I now really feel I have the skill of using the camera. I look forward to working on the next project with WhittyGordon.'

Kaba Keita - Volunteer with WhittyGordon Projects

'The film club has been so good for Alex. He has had an absolutely fabulous time and I think it's helping with his school performance too. Thank you so much.'

Babbs, Alex Mum

'In this film club I have learned how to use and record on a camera. I have also gained experience of acting. The trick is never to look at the camera.'

Jagjeet - Participant on the workshops