Jamaica 2015/16

Jamaican Railway Project 2016

In 2016 we spent 3 months in Kingston. We partnered with Jamaica Railway Corporation who gave us a space to work from in the station to develop a film project with people from very deprived areas surrounding the station. This is an ongoing project and we are seeking further funding.  

While there we produced a short promo film about the station and its colourful history, as it is part of one of the oldest railway networks in the world, in order to create more awareness and celebrate this historical space.

We plan to work on a larger railway project in 2017/18.


Some pics from our trip to Jamaica in 2016

Some pics from our trip to Jamaica in 2015

Alpha Boys' School, Kingston Jamaica 2016

We worked with Alpha Boys' School based in Kingston Jamaica, collaborating with 20-30 boys aged 16 - 21 to produce and direct their own music video to the song 'Don De Lion'. The young people came up with creative ideas  and worked together in all aspects of filmmaking to produce their final video. 


Short film produced, filmed and directed by pupils from Boys' Town All Age School about teenage pregnancy.