In Between Spaces 2010

In Between Spaces Jamaica 2010

In-Between Spaces 2010

For this project, we took ourselves out of context, into unknown territory and culture, without pre-judgments or expectations.

We stayed off the usual tourist track and instead immersed themselves in the true raw culture of downtown Kingston, exploring areas and cultural traditions which many Jamaicans themselves have never experienced, such as Rae Town, Pocomania, Coronation Market and Nine Nights. Jenny reconnected with her family in a culture where she spent some time as a child, but is alien to her now. Fiona traced Irish culture to see how it has merged with Jamaican, alongside the new Irish community living in Jamaica in connection with Digicel company.

We also connected with Jamaican and Haitian artists who were working in Jamaica.

We investigated questions like; how migration has impacted on peoples lives in Jamaica? Why people chose to return to their homeland and how that has affected their lives? What is the role of visual art in Jamaica? What is Jamaica’s connection with the Western art world?

We collected several hours of footage documenting a cross-section of Jamaican culture, which we dissected to create a series of short documentary style films. Areas covered were Jamaican contemporary art, emerging artists, aspiring Jamaican musicians an the role and influences of music in Jamaican contemporary culture, returnees and newcomers who have decided to settle in Jamaica.

Funded by Open Vizor